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Sifu Peter Wade

In 1974, Sifu Peter Wade, aged 14, started kung fu training under the guidance of Master Barry Theobold. Peter trained with Barry for two hours a day, every day, for six years before reaching second master level in the Shansi Boxing style of kung fu.

After Barry retired, Peter, and fellow student Terry Nixon, entered martial arts competitions and carried on teaching Shansi Boxing to adults and children. It was at this time that Peter and Terry also started to train under Sifu Steve Lofthouse in the Three Family Fist style of kung fu, both reaching the level of black belt. However, Peter had a growing sense that something was missing from his kung fu and by chance bought a book in a local martial arts shop. The book was, “A Path to Wing Chun” by Master Samuel Kwok.

Peter read the book and needed to know more, so he contacted Master Kwok and the two spoke regularly until after six months Peter was invited to a seminar being run by Master Kwok. After that first meeting with Master Kwok in 1989, Peter started travelling regularly from his home in Gorleston to train intensively with Master Kwok in Blackpool. This pattern continued for several years with Peter also accompanying Master Kwok on seminars all over the UK. Then in 1991, Peter met Grand Masters Ip Chun and Ip Ching, the two sons of Ip Man, who is considered by many to be the founder of modern Wing Chun. It was at this time that Peter was awarded with his instructor’s certificate in Wing Chun, became a life member of the Ip Man Martial Arts Association and was given the Kwok family name, Kwok Chung Leung, by Master Kwok.

Sifu Peter Wade continues to teach Wing Chun, following the teaching of Samuel Kwok, now Grand Master, and the Ip family style of Wing Chun. Peter still sees Grand Master Kwok, attending seminars and receiving private lessons.

“I would like to say that without Master Kwok’s teaching, guidance and friendship I would never have achieved the things I have in life and would never have meet some of the most amazing people. For this I owe Master Kwok a great debt and one day I hope to be able to repay that debt.”

Sifu Peter Wade

Sifu Peter Wade with Grand Master Samuel Kwok
after being awarded the Kwok family name

Sifu Wade's certificate of life membership of the
Yip Man Martial Arts Association
(dated 28 September 1991)

Sifu Wade's certificate as an instructor within the Samuel Kwok
Martial Art Association